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Thai Food in Rochester, NY

Since 2008

The Authentic Thai taste experience combining traditional Thai food with comfortable surroundings.  

Thai Food in Rochester NY

100% Fresh Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine, so delicious and varied in its piquant tastes, is a true gastronomic art. It presents an enormous range of dishes and a subtle blend of flavors. The flavors that characterize Thai food are the citrus-limes, fresh coriander, lemongrass, basil, coconut milk garlic and chillies. Thai dishes range from mildly spiced to very hotly spiced and can be ordered to your individual taste.

Thai Food in Rochester NY

Lunch, Dinner, Takeout

Rice is a very important part of the diet. As well as being the foundation of many one-course dishes rice plays a vital supporting role for other dishes.

Although traditionally all the dishes are served at once. Thai food is so adaptable that there is no problem in dividing it into Western Style Courses.